Philosophy of Change: I believe that when someone is ready to make changes in their life therapy can be a powerful tool that facilitates that change.  I believe that focusing on our strengths and understanding our behavior, including the meaning that we make of events and situations in our lives can enable us to make different choices and choose different paths. I utilize holistic and ecological models to conceptualize difficulties in people’s lives and to facilitate the change that they desire in a culturally appropriate way. I provide a safe space to process client’s most personal stories and to work towards the goals that they have identified.

Credentials: I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with minors in Criminal Justice and Women’s Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I received my Master of Arts degree in Clinical Forensic Psychology from the University of Denver and my Doctor of Philosophy degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am licensed in the state of Nebraska as a Mental Health Practitioner and provisionally licensed as a Psychologist.